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1924 British Empire Exhibition Stamp.  
This is the Gateway to my Stamp Collection.

The purpose of this page is to bring together collectors of Postage Stamps. Stamp collecting is one of the most popular hobbies in the world.

Collectors, hobbyists, and historians can explore their world through the stories told by postage stamp designs.

The collecting and study of postage stamps and related items is known as philately (a coined Greek word meaning, literally, "love of what is free of further tax").

One of the attractions of stamp collecting is the ease of starting a collection. With access to enough incoming mail, a person can have a collection without any expense. Literally tens of thousands of stamps, including many of the older issues, can be bought for a penny apiece or less.

Little special equipment is required. A collector needs only an album to house the stamps, protective plastic pages, some hinges or other types of mounts to attach the stamps to the pages, and a pair of stamp tongs with which to handle them.

Help is available to anyone asking information or advice, or just for sharing of the hobby.

The Compassionate Friends
The Compassionate Friends
is an international nonprofit, self-help support organization which offers friendship and understanding to families who are grieving the death of a child of any age, from any cause. Our primary purpose is to assist in the positive resolution of their grief and to foster their physical, mental and emotional health.

World Factbook
CIA World Factbook (Geographical Information, Flags, and Maps)

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