The Stamping Grounds

Beginners Page

Starting your collection

So now you have managed to get a few stamps and these come from various countries around the world.

1 The first thing to do is to sort the stamps into country groupings. To make myself more clear, you have to make sure that all the stamps from the same country are grouped together. (An atlas would definitely help !)

2 Then you have to sort the groups in alphabetical order. This is very important as it would help you to organise your album in an ordinate manner.

3 Once the above is done, your task is to spread the stamps of each group on a worktop or desk (one group at a time) and sort out the stamps.

4 Sorting the stamps takes time and requires some experience, but do not lose heart as no one is such an expert after all.

5 Preferably stamps are sorted according to the date of issue, but since this is a rather laborious procedure, I suggest that you intuitively decide which stamps you rate as the oldest and which are the new issues.

6 Your album should be at hand and now all it takes is to start hinging the stamps to the relative pages. After some time the album begins to take shape and I can assure you that the addiction to stamp collecting starts creeping in.

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